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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
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Welocme To The Home Page Of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
I have created this page to pay the tribute to the music legend of the whole world.The Great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

                                  The Great Khan

Date Of Birth:

Oct, 13, 1948, Wednesday.

Son of:

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan

City Of Birth:

Faisalabad (Pakistan)

Change Of Name:

Before the name of Nusrat, he was called by the name of Pervaiz, but on the suggestion of a noble person his name was changed to Nusrat.


Since from his childhood his father wanted to see him as a doctor. So he admitted him into a well known school of Faisalabad (Pakistan) and completed his matriculation education from there.

Music As A Profession:

After completing his matriculation education, Nusrat left his studies and started to get regular music training from his father. But sudden death of his father, Fateh Ali Khan shocked him and all his family members very much.

Dream Of A Legend:

Many people see their future in there dreams. Nusrat was also one of them. Once in his dreams he found himself singing some verses of Qawalli with his father on the tomb of Ajmeer Shareef and one day his dreams comes true.

First Leading Performance On Radio:

As usual, continuouing their tradition, in March 1965, Radio Pakistan arranged a musical festival, in which all famous classical singers were performing. Nusrats uncle (Mr.Nawazish Ali) was leading his team.

During rehearsal, listeners were attracted towards Nusrats voice. His hardworking and music practice was attracting people towards him. Programme producer stops the rehearsal and suggested to Mr. Salamat Ali Khan that the Qawalli should be lead by Nusrat. And when that young boy lead Qawalli, his sweet voice spread everywhere in the like the blossom of flowers .And that was the first media achievement of Nusrat.

The Last Temptation of Christ:

Peter Gabrial of Real World plays an important role in the life of Nusrat .Peter always tried to introduce a new music legends to the world. In those days he was busy in composing a music track for the film The Last Temptation of Christ. He met lot of singers but he didnt found anyone who can satisfy him. But when he met Nusrat he said I got it. And then he used Nusrats voice in his film. Nusarats voice played a magic role in that sound track. Peter Gabrial admired him in this way

What ever the music, what ever the technology, great records come from great performance.

After that they both worked together and produced lot of hit music records.

New Trend In Qawalli:

Nusrat introduced a new trend in qawalli. Before Nusrat Qawalli does not have attracted so much people towards it. Because at that time Qawalli used to be sung with old and eastern instruments.

But in 1979, Nusrat voice spread all over the world due to the combined efforts of Nusrat and Peter Gabrial. First time in the history of Qawalli, Nusrat uses modern instruments. So in this way he introduced a new trend in Qawalli. Due to all these achievements and hard working people call him with a name Man Called Qawalli.

Performances All Over The World

Nusrat belongs to Pakistan but his art was not limited to the boundaries of Pakistan. He nearly performed all over the world.


Nusrat has already visited the tomb of Ajmeer Shareef in his dream. But when he visited India his dream comes true and he performed at the same place where he has already done in his dream. He also played a tribute to Ameer Khusro during his visit. He also attended the marriage ceremony of Rishi Kapoor during that visit. And nusrat also performed there very well.


WOMAD (World Of Music Art And Dance), came into being in 1981.and it was clearly written in its charter:

Musicians from all over the world gather together on one stage at one time to present unique workshop, exploring musical styles and techniques through discussion and performance.

In this festival, musicians, dancers, actors and poets used to participate every year. It provides 20 minutes to every participant to perform and in those 20 minutes he has to perform a full view of his art.

In 1985, Nusrat also performed there .At 11:40 PM Nusrat came on stage and started his Qawalli. But on the request of people, his time was extended up to 4:00 AM. Whenever Nusrat wants to end his Qawalli, people requested him to sing once more. At last Nusrat left the stage in the darkness. That year people forgot all other performances but they remember Nusrat in their hearts.


In Australia, a music festival was arranged every year. And he won the title on the base of his hard working, music, and his vocal power.


Once Spain was under the rule of Muslims, and now Nusrat is ruling in the music of Spain.

Nusrat performed there in the palace of Gharnata in Spain. He performed there very well. After completing his performance, he met the queen and presented his music cds to her. But it was a source of astonishment for them when she told them that all these cds are saved in his music library.


Nusrat voice was a great source of interest in the minds of people of France. In 1991, he performed there in a concert. He attracted people so much that without having knowledge about Urdu language people were dancing there on the music beat of Nusrat.


Nusrat also performed in America. Americans are very much crazy about Nusrat. They loved him very much. Nusrat was an honorary professor of Eastern Music in Washington university. And people loved him very much.


Nusrat performed every where in the world. It doesnt matter for him that what is the language people understand there. He has won the hearts of people every where in the world.

First time Nusrat visited to Japan in 1987 and secondly he visited to Japan in 1990, and both of times he won the hearts of people. In 1989, Nusrat was awarded with a prize of Grand Prix. People loved him so much there in Japan that they had published a lot of articles about him.

Two Great Khans:

There were two great khans in Pakistan and both were the kings of there fields. One is the king of cricket and second is the king of music. One is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and second is Imran Khan. They both were great friends.

When Imran Khan started the campaign to raise funds for his hospital, Nusrat helped him very much. They both organized musical concerts in different parts of world to collect finance for his hospital. Nusrat helped Imran in raising funds from all over the world with his vocal power.

He organized musical festival without any personal interest, to raise fund for Shaukat Khaman. And it is a greatness of a great Artist.

Unbearable Loss of Music:

Nusrat was suffering from sugar and kidney problem for a long time. In August 1997 he went to London. He was admitted in Cromwell Hospital London. But on 16th of August 1997 he left his world at 11:55 GMT

He was buried in Faisalabad, Pakistan near the grave of his father. He was 49 years old.

May his soul rest in peace.